A STATE WHICH FAILS ITS PEOPLE ; Failed Strategies, Arrogant Leaders.

Mr POLICY MAKER in the MINISTRY OF NATIONAL SECURITY, When was the LAST TIME you called a MEETING with REPRESENTATIVES of ALL STAKE-HOLDINGS in JAMAICA to resolve this Crime issue? Those would be, LAW ENFORCERS from the rank of  Commissioner down. Street Vendors, Taxi People, School Teachers, Lawyers, Doctors, Parents, and even some of the […]

AUNT CENIE’S YARD Caring, Sharing, and Annoying the hell out of her.

I remember when JOSEPH COAT (Croton) were the Plants to line the walkway to Grandma Cenie’s House at Phoenix Road. I much preferred the delights of the ORTANIQUE Orange tree smack in the middle of the adjoining Cane fields. I KNOW my friend, who has been more like a BROTHER, Everad Lewis still remember those […]

Bullying in America

There is so much talk going on these days about bullying. So many awareness campaigns; the media, government, schools, youth groups, etc, etc are rallying behind the eradication of bullying. BUT how many of these same people/groups are doing anything about the bullying of BLACKS IN AMERICA by police, city councils, the (un)justice system, the […]