Some GOLDEN MOMENTS with ZACKS no riches and expensive gifts can replace. 1. Took me on a plumbing job to Maldon Secondary when I was about 6-8 and had me remove the wall tiles…. The fun I had tearing them off with hammer and chisel. And the skill I learned. 2. Carrying me on his […]

SPORTS IS SUPPOSED TO UNITE What's Wrong with this Picture?

It is May 3  2015 and I have traveled on Sky Bahamas to New Providence. So as I sat in the ultra-modern, $30-million, Chinese donated, Thomas A Robinson National Stadium being awed by the different events unfolding in front of me, I could not help noticing the many FLAGS of the many different nations taking […]

BOB MARLEY The Man, the Visionary .... the source of food for many

MAY 11, 2015 On this date in 1981 Bob Marley  was Pronounced dead. He had gone to Germany to see a cancer specialist, and on his way to Jamaica, he stopped in Miami to receive emergency medical care. He died at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital on May 11, 1981, at the age of 36. […]

HURRICANE GILBERT Some Fond Memories thereof

1988 HURRICANE GILBERT : On the Evening of September 11 we got the OFFICIAL WARNINGS on radio so I, the TECHIE, at 15 years and 9 months old, went out and took down the TV ANTENNA and laid it Flat on the ground as close to the house as I could get it then went […]