AUNT CENIE’S YARD Caring, Sharing, and Annoying the hell out of her.

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I remember when JOSEPH COAT (Croton)
were the Plants to line the walkway to Grandma Cenie’s House at Phoenix Road.

Croton also known as Joseph CoatJoseph's CoatPoor man Croton
I much preferred the delights of the ORTANIQUE Orange tree smack in the middle of the adjoining Cane fields.
Ortanique Oranges aka NAVEL FRUITNavel Fruit aka Ortanique
I KNOW my friend, who has been more like a BROTHER, Everad Lewis still remember those Canes.
(Mi still naw talk who and who used to Take the cane without permission though).

The ubiquitous TUNA (Opuntia Ficusindia, for the scholars of Botany),
Jamaican Tuna
and the just as ever present SINCLE BIBLE (ALOE VERA Barbadensis Miller)
Aloe Vera
were always on hand for that Medical emergency or ANNUAL “WASH OUT”
(In the interest of you retaining your lunch, I will not get into the details of that procedure or the effects thereof).

Then our regular ASSAULT on the SO-Si (OTAHEITI) Apple Trees which, in season, were always LOADED.
SoSi Apples.SoSi

I would always walk a wide circle around the Zinc sheet, which she would have in the Sun, loaded with COCOA or COFFEE BEANS going through the drying out process before being roasted on the would fire and  then BEATEN (ground) in the Wooden MORTAR (MAWTA in PATOIS), because whenever I got to within 10 feet there was always a chance the Zinc would get up and spill the Beans.

ARROW ROOT, (I havent seen in many years … it was like a CARROT only, very WHITE)
Arrow Rootarrowroot starchflour
was grated (original blender way) and used to make Porridge.

We had to dig GINGER for the *Tea* (any hot Beverage was *Tea) and Spice for the Cooking.

While digging for the Ginger we would stumble on or have to also dig for  TAMBRIC (Tumeric)

The ORIGINAL CURRY which WE would have to Grater* (grate) leaving some skin and drawing some blood at times.
the tumeric in tjose fresh wounds were not conducive to silent children … we MEK noise when we get cut.
Tumeric Powder Curry.Tumeric

IF you went to Maldon Primary School or were coming from a Dance or had ANY REASON to walk pass this Fruitful place ,,,
Chances are you took the liberty of Breaking a cane or FEW, Everad Doan seh a word mi bredda mi never see yuh bruk one yet.

Cane Fieldstalks of caneRedstriped cane

I will kinda stop here before I get in trouble.



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