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no riches and expensive gifts can replace.

1. Took me on a plumbing job to Maldon Secondary when I was about 6-8 and had me remove the wall tiles….
The fun I had tearing them off with hammer and chisel. And the skill I learned.

2. Carrying me on his back up the road.
Don’t recall the occasion he just thought I deserved a ride.
(Or maybe mama did beat me and he offered me the consolation)

3. Took me to Doctor Robotham and while walking up the road bought me my first ice cream cone…. I ate the ice cream and threw the cone and he said, “no Pardy Man, you should eat that too”
Then bought me another one.

4. Took me to Mobay close to Christmas
(Mama fret til me reach back home)
That’s when I knew one person could be known by so many and cared for too.
He also took me to Gully and Union Street and left me with his friends in a Bar …
Mek mi tell uunoo suppen,, NOBODDY nuh care bout PICKNY like people in a BAR (dem time deh).
With questions ranging from …
“Yuh awrite?, yuh waan Ice Cream? yuh waan ChickIN? Yuh eat awready? Siddung ya suh side a mi.”
to suggestions of , “Zackie leff da MANNAZ-ABLE likkle one ya wid mi nuh”
Punching that Juke Box in the Bar across from PARISH COUNCIL was tha BOMB.

A from dem time deh dem shoulda know me a SELECTAH enuh ..

Tunes Like BILLY JEAN, THRILLER, and some Sam Cooke and Percy Sledge and Platters  and Gregory Isaacs and D Brown ..
some Big man a ask a who tell mi wah fi play  …..

Then after a LONG DAY (for Mama dat is) We were on our way home….
On the Back of ROY THOMPSON’S brother’s (RAPHAEL) Van back…
a likkle COLT Pickup.
So we and the Market people on the van Back and we stopped at Westgate Gas Station and Zacks
(under Few Waters) decides he MUST have a Ciggy, so out comes the Matches ….. DWRCL ,,,,

So EVERYBODY starts Panicking INCLUDING ME and he laughs and says,
Mi look like mi DRUNK to unoo?
(he was WELL OILED not drunk).

Thereafter we were on our way, and up Johns Hall hill we were going, then Dam Road, then “MAN BUMP” that VERY STEEP part of the hill around a DEEP corner just after Dam Road Square and this very Intoxicated Father of mine just stands up STRAIGHT and Steps off the Moving Vehicle as if it was stationary.

While I was sitting there worried about how he would get home,
we saw a one headlight fast approaching us heading in our direction.
As we passed Spring Mount police Station, which was situated along the hillside down near Burnt Ground,  we heard the unmistakable roar of a YAWMA (Yamaha) Motorcycle accompanying that light
as it catches up and pulls alongside us,
who dat pon di back?

Nuh man ZACK.

Rider and Pillion passes us leaving us in their DUST.

A few minutes later after the colt labored its way over Spring Mount hill and reaches Hampton Road,

their was HIGH PRIEST at the likkle Bar on the Right waiting for us again.

This time he sits quietly in the back of the Colt with us til we got home.

NEXT “THE OTHER ADVENTURES OF PRIEST AND I, from Phoenix to 13 Miles Tangle River”

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