BOB MARLEY The Man, the Visionary .... the source of food for many

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MAY 11, 2015

Bob Marley
On this date in 1981 Bob Marley  was Pronounced dead.
He had gone to Germany to see a cancer specialist, and on his way to Jamaica,
he stopped in Miami to receive emergency medical care.

He died at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital on May 11, 1981, at the age of 36.
Bob Marley has been called a visionary,
a Third World superstar, and a revolutionary artist.

Bob Marley

He first discovered that something was wrong in 1977, when he injured his foot while playing Football with his friends.
Diagnosed with MELANOMA (a rare illness then in people of African descent) he chose not to when Amputation was suggested/strongly recommended.Bob

I am still to this day wondering what was REALLY up when the “powers that be” refused to make his medical records public. (What are they REALLY hiding?)
This act in itself has lead many to believe that he was the victim of a sinister plot to have him killed.
Bob is still in the Top three BEST SELLERS on many Album and Singles Charts.

This Pic shows Him and Other Members of the Band.
Bunny, Peter, Junior, Carlton and Family Man Barrett
Bob and the Wailers

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